Amarkantak - Beautifull Place to Visit in Madhya Pradesh 2016-05-02 12:03:58

Situated at an altitude of 1065 mt. at the meeting point of the Vindhya and the Satpura mountain ranges amongst sylvan surroundings, Amarkantak is a great pilgrim center for the Hindus, and is the source of the rivers Narmada and Sone. While the Narmada flows Westwards from Amarkantak, the Sone flows towards the East. Amarkantak is indeed blessed by Nature. Holy ponds, lofty hills, forested surroundings, breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls and an ever-pervading air of serenity make Amarkantak a much sought-after destination for the religious-minded as well as for the nature-lover.

Did you know? Among all the sacred rivers of India, the Narmada occupies a unique place. Legend has it that Lord Shiva blessed Narmada with unique purifying powers. Whereas to purify himself, a devotee requires to take one dip in the Holy Ganga, seven days' prayers on the banks of Yamuna and three days prayers on the banks of Saraswati, the mere sight of Narmada is enough. A charming folk tale describes the superiority of Narmada over Ganga. Once every year, after she herself is polluted beyond tolerance, Ganga visits Narmada dressed like a dark woman and takes a cleansing purifying dip in its waters! There are other rivers too, popular, romantic and life sustaining, each glamourized in the folk lore and history but none can match the mystique of Narmada.

Kapildhara: The Kapil Dhara is associated with the legendry sage Kapil or Kapila: he reputedly spend 12 years here deeply immersed in meditative austerities. Here, too, the young Narmada pours down the escarpment in a gushing waterfall and depressions in the water-worn rocks, before the cascade, are said to be the footprints of that powerful seer. The base of the falls, on the rocky banks of the brisk, blue stream that is the Narmada, is a favoured picnic spot with visitors. Those who are a shade more adventurous often opt to trek for a further one kilometer or so to the next Narmada falls: the Dugdh Dhara.

Narmada Udgam is a temple built at the source of the Narmada – the holiest spot in Amarkantak. You could visit Sonmuda which is the prime source of the river Sone. You could opt to go to Brighu Kamandal where the water pitcher which is always full of water. Dhuni Pani is a hot spring in a thick forest. While Dudhdhara is where water falls from a height of about 50 ft. in a milk–white cascade. Mai Ki Bagiya is a lovely garden with a temple. Visitors can also attend the two most prominent Artis which take place at Amarkantak, Kund ki Arti which takes place evening from 7 pm to 8 pm and the Narmada Arti from 8 pm to 9 pm.

Nearest airports are Jabalpur (228 km.) and Raipur (230 km). The nearest rail head is Pendra Road (42 km) on the Katni - Bilaspur section of the South-Eastern Railway. Amarkantak is connected by regular bus service with Shahdol, Umaria, Jabalpur, Rewa, Bilaspur, Anuppur and Pendra Road.