Africa & Middle-East

Travel through Africa and the Middle East has long been regarded as a destination for those seeking the truly exotic. Since the time of David Livingston, explorers and writers have romanticized the idea of travel through Africa. From the Pyramids and the Nile River in the North, to the coast of South Africa, the continent offers all kinds of travel opportunities. In the Middle East, with countries such as Turkey, Israel, and the United Arab Emirates, visitors will find ancient and sacred sites, modern metropolises, and some of the world's largest shopping complexes.

For many tourists, Africa's main draw is the wildlife found at the game preserves in East Africa or South Africa. These trips usually start with a flight into cities such as Nairobi, Dar es Salam, Johannesburg, or the beautiful city of Cape Town. In Tanzania, the beaches of Zanzibar and the quest to hike up Mount Kilimanjaro are also popular attractions. In North Africa, countries like Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia offer a completely different experience and an opportunities to experience life in the desert.

Some of the most popular ways to see Africa include a cruise down the Nile through Egypt, a luxury train trip from South Africa to Victoria Falls, or a hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti.

In the Middle East, the attractions really depend on the country of choice. Home to some of the world's most famous sacred sites, Israel is frequently the destination of those seeking a religious journey. Turkey is a popular destination both for its antiquities and its diverse natural and cultural landscape. The city of Istanbul with its historic Old Town, the ancient ruins of Hierapolis, the limestone terraces of Pammukkale, and the unique landscape of Cappadocia are some of the country's highlights. In the United Arab Emirates, the modern city of Dubai offers some unique attractions. Well known for its extensive shopping complexes, it is also home to the iconic Burj Al-Arab with its sail shaped design. The man-made Palm Islands, created in the shape of a giant palm tree, are another signature feature of Dubai.